1.    Background
Akagera Game Lodge is located along the Southern side of Akagera National Park in Kayonza District. The Akagera National Park is easily accessed via Kabarondo-Rwinkwavu Road, is endowed with rich savannah vegetation and is home to several species of wild game like impalas, giraffes, waterbucks, buffalos, elephants, antelopes, hippos, crocodiles, baboons, leopards, etc. It also has spectacular views of Lake Ihema bordering Tanzania. Akagera National park is the second biggest tourist attraction in Rwanda. Therefore, AGL offers a unique opportunity for tourists to enjoy a tranquil and relaxing stay in the Park while sampling the flora and fauna that is on offer in the game park.
With its 60 rooms including an executive suite and others facilities like: Restaurant, Bar and conference halls.  As well as outdoor facilities: swimming pool, tennis courts. AGL is the ideal gate-away for the nature loving.
With the desire to use technology advantages to improve the organization capacity, update of information, statistics and a efficient hotel Management, AGL is seeking a consultant to design, test and train the users on his Hotel Management software.
That software must be Manageable, scalable, stable, reliable, secured and hosted.
‐ Manageable: the objective is to have tools and mechanisms to manage and monitor different activities of hotel: Accommodation, Food and Beverage
‐ Scalable: the system needs to be scalable to support future changes due to progressive growth of the hotel and the changes in hotel requirements.
‐ Stable: The system must be available every time to ensure the hotel business activities are not interrupted.
‐ Secured and Reliable: The system need to contain all security features and provide access to all allowed users in order to maintain the data and statistics integrity.
-    Hosted: This software must have a link on our web site and have the same domain.

2.    System functionalities
It is expected that the Hotel Management software application will comprise, but not limited to, the following core functionalities:
•    The system is Software developed with the latest technology to interface high productivity, easy use and authentication capabilities of users.
•    The system accommodates interaction in networking within the hotel Departments and mobile devices.
•    The system has an integrated and reliable platform to secure hotel data and guarantee users access.
•    The system has capabilities of export data to a wide range of formats (excel and pdf).
•    The system offers the capabilities of recording, updating and transfer the report to Sage System (accounting) as well as the backup.

This software must contain the modules such as:
A)    Front office and Housekeeping
B)    Food and Beverage (F&B outlets)
C)    Stock Management
D)    HR Management
E)    Cashier and Marketing
F)    Import and Export data module (for Reporting)

A.    Rooms and reservation Module
The First important activity of Hotel is the management of Rooms and their reservations; this module will cover the management of rooms and help to have all situation of each room.
    Room reservation
    Guest Data
    Check in and Check out
    Room billing and payment
    Room Occupation (status of the room)
    Contact Person and Address
    Guest by sponsor (Company  or Tours operators or Institutions  with Contract)
    Daily rate (Used by the hotel)
    Etc…
•    Reservations (confirmed or not)
•    Guest by Nationality ,Birthday or gender
•    Rooming list (For Restaurant and bar, police, and auditors.)
•    Projection on check in or out dates.
•    Accommodation income
•    Financial situation (by date, by room, by Client and currency)
•    Room availability (by date, occupied, vacant and out of order)

B.    Food and Beverage  Module
The Second important activity of Hotel is F&B outlets and Catering; this module will manage the F&B Sales.
    Bar and Restaurant Stock
    Identification of the outlet (Picnic, Lunch, dinner or on retreats)
    Product with different sales measures ( Bottle, Tot, Glass or Bottles)
     Order by client (room number or client name)
    Assign waiters by  table
    Billing by (Cash, credit or LPO)

•    Product in stock (in and out)
•    Inventory (monthly :chinaware, linen and equipment )  
•    F&B sales (Daily,  Monthly)
•    F&B Sales (Number of Covers)
•    F&B sales by mode of payment (Cash, Check, Visa, LPO and Mobile Money etc…..)
•    F&B Daily Debt (Credit or LPO
•    Kitchen covers
•    Complimentary and Promotional F&B report

C.    Stock Management Module
The stock module will manage the Main Store of the hotel. Product in are categorized into different family such as:
    Bar and Restaurant Products
    Bar and Restaurant items
    Kitchen products
    Kitchen Equipment and Accessories
    Office furniture
    Housekeeping ( guest amenities, cleaning products)
    Housekeeping (equipment and linen)
    Maintenance (Electricity and Sanitation materials)
    Etc….
This module will generate a stock situation automatically to avoid stock ruptures. To be linked with the hotel daily operations.  
•    Stock in by date
•    Stock out by date
•    Stock in and out between two dates
•    Product Situation
•    Suppliers  contacts
•    Product out by destination (Hotel Departments)
•    Unpaid Bill Status (Suppliers)
•    Physical inventory (monthly report)
•    Purchasing Expenditure (by Department)

D.    HR Management modules
The module will manage all information on Human resources on Recruitment:
     Personal information
    Contract Category
    Bank account
    RSSB Contribution
    Payroll
•    Payroll slip ( all or individual)
•    Retain report (all or individual)

E.    Cashier and Revenues Accountant
This Manage the daily activities of the Main cashier for cash in and out
    Income Situation (Accommodation and F&B)
    Credit
    Guest Invoices
    Suppliers invoices
    Etc….
F.    Import and Export data module
The management of the Hotel has Accountant software. (SAGE)
This application should have an option to import and export data to accountant software and others such as Excel and PDF.
This application should be linked to our website.
The system will define tasks depends on the user category and authorization
Each category will be granted a contain rights depending on the hotel requirements.

The system must be flexible to add more reporting depending on the needs of the hotel activities and Financial Requirement.
The Staff must be trained for free to the Hotel.
Price should be negotiable after selection
1.    The Hotel must benefit one year guaranty with free support of the system.
2.    The Hotel must benefit a free training for all staff and help in implementation
3.    The System must belong to the hotel forever, no need of licence.
4.    The hotel must benefit other upgrade of chosen modules in the system